CW Shows: Renewed or Cancelled? (2013-2014)

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So in about four weeks or so all the CW shows will have wrapped up their seasons. So far Gossip Girl and The Carrie Diaries have finished for the year, while Emily Owens and Cult have been cancelled so are not airing now.

Let’s take a look at what shows have been cancelled, renewed and which I think are going to stick around.

Renewed for 2013-14:
The Vampire Diaries
Hart of Dixie
Beauty and The Beast
Carrie Diaries

Picked Up
The Originals
The Tomorrow People
The 100

Emily Owens
90210 – I’m very upset about this.
Gossip Girl – Wahh, I miss this way too much.

Now, that means there’s still The Carrie Diaries, Nikita, Hart of Dixie and Beauty and The Beast left undecided.

Word is Nikita will be getting renewed but with a shorter season of 6-13 episodes, this will basically conclude everything so far.
I’m a big fan of Nikita and so if they decide to do this I’ll be happy because then I feel like it won’t get dragged out and will have a good deserved ending.

Hart of Dixie could be renewed but in terms of what will they pair it with next season, I’m baffled. I think there’s about an 80% chance this show will be renewed as its got steady viewers and isn’t really that expensive to shoot.
HOD has been renewed for a third season.

Beauty and The Beast doesn’t have the best ratings so I’m not sure if this will get renewed or not, I think it all depends on the ratings ahead. If it did get renewed it would be the perfect fit with pilot Oxygen (girl falls for alien boy).
BATB has been renewed for a second season.

The Carrie Diaries has finished already so the ratings are already in for that yet no-one seems to have said whether it will be cancelled or renewed. I personally think they’ll bring it back again for a short order season depending on whether they decide to pick up other pilots.

Ok so let’s move onto the new pilots, we have The Originals, The Selection, The Tomorrow People, The Hundred, Reign, Oxygen, Blink, Company Town.

Now with the renewed being The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Arrow they will probably have all three of these on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as lead ins to pilots.
With TVD its inevitable that The Originals will be paired with it, its almost guaranteed that it will be picked up.
The Originals has been picked up.
Then with Arrow I feel like they’ll pair it with The Hundred with it being male-orientated (kinda) so by putting it with Arrow it may get the viewers it needs.
Plus its an adaptation like Arrow was. But I do feel like The Hundred will probably get a short season till just January to make things less confusing and at a fast pace.
For Supernatural I’m pretty certain they’ll put it with The Tomorrow People as they both have ‘supernatural’ elements to them and are about pairs/groups working together.

So that would mean the CW pick up The Originals, The Hundred, The Tomorrow People. With four shows already cancelled I’d say the CW have about five slots when it comes to pilots.

Let’s look at the rest of the schedule and pilots.
So we have Monday and Friday left. Friday will most likely have Nikita and then a new pilot, but with Nikita likely to be a shorter season we have space for two pilots, one starting in Sep/Oct and then another in Jan. With the first half of the year I think the CW will pair Nikita with The Selection as they both have a dystopian feel to it, when you think about it Division is pretty much a dystopian setting? Then once Nikita finishes, I think they’ll put it another pilot which could be Oxygen or Reign. The Selection already has a big following because of it being an adaptation so it could definitely help another pilot.

Now for the Monday we’ll probably have contemporary shows, so I reckon they’ll put Hart of Dixie and pair it with Blink or Company Town. My moneys on Company Town though as Sera Gamble is a showrunner and she was part of Supernatural which has become a cult hit.

No mention of Beauty & the Beast or The Carrie Diaries right? Well at this point I’m not exactly sure they’ll be picked up for another season.

Let’s run through my wishful schedule:


Monday: Hart of Dixie, Blink/Company Town
Tuesday: Arrow, The Hundred
Wednesday: Supernatural, The Tomorrow People
Thursday: Vampire Diaries, The Originals
Friday: Nikita, The Selection


Tuesday: Arrow, Oxygen
Friday: The Selection, Reign

What are your thoughts on all of this? Are there any shows you would love to see picked up?
For me personally I want to see The Originals, The Selection, Oxygen, The Hundred and The Tomorrow People picked up!


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