TV Shows Cancelled or Renewed? 2013-2014



So a lot of you want to know what shows have been cancelled or renewed for the year 2013-2014, so I’ve decided to have this post dedicated to every single show (I’ll try) and let you know what’s been cancelled, what’s finished up, and what’s been renewed.

So make sure to keep returning to this page to check if your favourite show has been renewed/cancelled.

If your show isn’t on any lists down below just comment down below and I’ll be sure to find out its fate for you.

Let’s start off with the cancellations

66 Park Avenue: Cancelled.
Don’t Trust the B—– in Apartment 23: Cancelled.
Last Resort: Cancelled.
Private Practice: Cancelled.
Zero Hour:  Cancelled.
Body Of Proof: Cancelled.
Malibu Country: Cancelled.
Red Widow: Cancelled.
How To Live With Your Parents: Cancelled.
Happy Endings: Cancelled.

Made In Jersey: Cancelled.
Partners: Cancelled.
CSI: NY: Cancelled.
Vegas: Cancelled.
Golden Boy: Cancelled.
Rules Of Engagement: Cancelled.

Ben and Kate: Cancelled.
Fringe: Cancelled/Ended.
The Mob Doctor: Cancelled.
Touch: Cancelled.
The Cleveland Show: Cancelled.

30 Rock: Cancelled/Ended.
Animal Practice: Cancelled.
Do No Harm: Cancelled.
The Office US: Cancelled/Ended.
Up All Night: Cancelled.
Deception: Cancelled.
1600 Penn: Cancelled.
Whitney: Cancelled.
Guys With Kids: Cancelled.
Smash: Cancelled.
The New Normal: Cancelled.
Go On: Cancelled.

90210: Cancelled.
Cult: Cancelled.
Emily Owens M.D: Cancelled.
Gossip Girl: Cancelled/Ended.


Castle: Renewed.
Pretty Little Liars: Renewed.
Once Upon A Time: Renewed.
The Middle: Renewed.
Modern Family: Renewed.
The Neighbors: Renewed.
Scandal: Renewed.
Suburgatory: Renewed.
Revenge: Renewed.
Nashville: Renewed.
Last Man Standing: Renewed.
Greys Anatomy: Renewed.

2 Broke Girls: Renewed.
The Amazing Race: Renewed.
The Big Bang Theory:  Renewed.
Blue Bloods:  Renewed.
Criminal Minds: Renewed.
CSI:  Renewed.
Elementary: Renewed. 
The Good Wife:  Renewed.
Hawaii Five-0:  Renewed.
How I Met Your Mother: Renewed.
The Mentalist: Renewed.
Mike & Molly: Renewed.
NCIS:  Renewed.
NCIS: Los Angeles:  Renewed.
Person of Interest: Renewed. 
Survivor:  Renewed.
Two and a Half Men: Renewed.
Undercover Boss:  Renewed.

American Dad:  Renewed.
Bob’s Burgers: Renewed.
Bones:  Renewed. 
Family Guy:  Renewed.
The Following: Renewed.
Glee:  Renewed for Season 5+6.
The Mindy Project: Renewed.
New Girl:  Renewed.
Raising Hope: Renewed.
The Simpsons:  Renewed.
The X Factor:  Renewed.

Chicago Fire: Renewed.
Grimm: Renewed.
Law & Order: SVU: Renewed.
Parenthood: Renewed.
Revolution: Renewed.
The Voice: Renewed till Season 5.
Parks And Recreation: Renewed.
Community: Renewed.
Hannibal: Renewed.

Arrow: Renewed.
Beauty & The Beast: Renewed.
Hart of Dixie: Renewed.
Supernatural: Renewed.
The Vampire Diaries: Renewed.
Carrie Diaries: Renewed.
Nikita: Renewed.

So there you have it guys. Up above you should be able to find your show and see whether its been renewed or cancelled.

I’ll be doing another post on what’s been picked up for 2013-14 so be sure to check that out.

Let me know what shows you think should be renewed? Or what shows shouldn’t have been cancelled?


26 thoughts on “TV Shows Cancelled or Renewed? 2013-2014

    1. My sources tell me Castle is being eyed for a two season pick up like Glee. If not it will be renewed for at least one more season.

  1. Cancel 2 1/2 men. Should have cancelled it when Charlie Sheen left/fired.

    Will they rethink Vegas and Golden Boy. We especially like Vegas. It’s dumb that they are cancelling these 2 and not giving them a chance

    1. I don’t watch two and a half men, but I agree especially considering they are getting rid of Jake for the next season. Also I’m sorry but there’s no chance of either being revived now that they’re cancelled, sadly they just didn’t garner enough attention or viewers.

    2. Why did they cancel Vegas ? That was a good series and everybody I know liked it. That’s crazy! They are keeping something stupid like two broken girls yuk! How I met your mother. Really! And all the reality shows are getting stupid. Who wants to watch people be dumb. Just go out your front door and get out in the world. You see it everyday. We watch tv to escape the world not bring it in our living rooms.

  2. Can’t believe that they cancelled Smash, one of the best shows on TV, also Body of Proof, and Emily Owens MD. Is there any chance that any other network will pick them up?

  3. How the hell is Grey’s Anatomy and Beauty and the Beast still running and they cancel shows like Golden Boy?

    1. I liked beauty and the beast. At least it had a story behind it. The stupid reality shows are the worst. At lest wipeout is fun to watch.

  4. i will say that they always take away all the shows that i get into before they have chance to succeed. I getting sick and tired as a tv viewer of all the reality shows that have taken over the networks. Right now i’m watching cable tv shows than i used to because at least they give them a chance.
    Body of proof gone, mob doctor gone, last resort gone, persons unknown “this show was great”, the firm gone, and the gates. i loved that show.

  5. I’m distressed that they are cancelling Touch without wrapping up loose ends. Couldn’t they do a few more episodes like they did with 666 Park Avenue to complete the story? I hate to be left hanging.

  6. Can’t believe they canceled private practice with such a good storyline. I loved that show and ALL The characters. I don’t know what to watch anymore all these stupid reality shows. I don’t want to see somebody’s life I live my own reality. All these good sitcoms drama, Comedy shows ,now that’s entertainment that takes you away from your own life drama. Waiting patiently for all these reality show to go down the toilet.

  7. What about SOA is it coming back or is ir finished? This stupid people that make the decisions to renew or cancel a series need to find another job!!! Cancelling Breaking BAD…dumb. waiting on them to attack walking dead.

    1. SOA will be back for a final seventh season with thirteen episodes this fall. Also some exciting news is the spin-off of Breaking Bad which will feature Saul Goodman in his days before BB which should be airing this fall.

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